Me Me Me Me Me

I love the internet.  To me, it is a priceless resource that teaches me about people (mostly through those off the wall comments in random forums), geography, photography, writing, politics, design, interiors, cooking, food, diets, fads and phases (mostly those i wish to avoid).  The list is literally endless which is why I decided to create the Wednesday Website Wack newsletter to get the best of the net out of my head and into other peoples’ heads.  I remember the websites I write about as though I was the designer behind them!

I write this blog to share random stories that provoke feeling, the kind that we can use in the real world, with each other. I am just finding some mojo to write stories for other platforms too.

I also like dirt. I don’t eat it but I nurture, build, water and caress it and it takes damn good care of my plants. I am building an offline community of compost folk to help me reduce waste and feed more plants. I am journeying towards a permaculture existence, hoepfully see you there one day.

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