Me Me Me Me Me

I love the internet.  To me, it is a priceless resource that teaches me about people (mostly through those off the wall comments in random forums), geography, photography, writing, politics, design, interiors, cooking, food, diets, fads and phases (mostly those i wish to avoid).  The list is literally endless which is why I decided to create the Wednesday Website Wack newsletter to get the best of the net out of my head and into other peoples’ heads.  It’s working a treat.  Much better than my bookmarks ever did.  I remember the websites I write about as though I was the designer behind them!

I hate the net.  It’s a massive time-waster.  I lose hours reading thoughts and opinions of others and really, none of it gets me any closer to the truth of what’s really happening in my life.  Where do I find the time for all this internetting, that’s another story.

I am particularly inspired by internet curators – the good ones.  I will spruik them whenever I come across them, with links of course.

If you are seeking a writer, blog updater, web content provider, researcher or radio announcer/program maker, please get in touch with me at natsupowerATgmailDOTcom.  I will take paid employment only.

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