Devouring Audio

I have no talent for putting on voices but as a professional podcast listener I think I am losing my own voice, opinions, thoughts and storytelling delivery? It’s not actually a bad thing, I feel like I find the equivalent of a new good book, Every Single Day. My communication to whoever will listen is as a puppeteer of all the incredible stories and knowledge I am ingesting as part of my podcast addiction. Some voices are just so tasteful, especially Brian Reed from S-Town.

It all started with a gift I received for my 40th birthday, a quality pair of Jabra Wireless Bluetooth headphones. This premium listening device has given me licence to listen anywhere and everywhere and when audio comes through your ears directly, the story gets personal. I wildly traverse from narrative stories to interviews to true crime and everything in between. I have a few years of favourites in my arsenal that I can revisit or share and I have relieved myself of any ‘stay-at-home Mum boredom’ that was creeping in, urging me to turn on the telly. Daytime TV does not compare to podcast/radio shows, period.

I have listened to some absolute rippers of late and although I think that most of them come under featured lists, there is a reason they are popular and I have to share them. I have mostly listed specific episodes because not all podcasters are good interviewers, so in that format it is largely the talent that captivates me. Here goes:

  • Homecoming is a beautifully crafted narrative from Gimlet media featuring Catherine Keener. Storytelling doesn’t get much better than this, the characters, the story and the delivery are perfect.
  • Phoebe’s Fall produced by Fairfax is sad, riveting and eye opening. It’s a one-off series of investigative journalism of a true crime, set in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Undone is a short series of podcasts that illuminates an event in history and connects it to modern day times. Have you ever heard of the disco demolition in Chicago in 1979?
  • Tim Ferriss chatting with Ed Norton, so much insight into NY life, drama, crowd funding and surfing. His chat with Debbie Millman is also worthy of an hour of your time, especially if you work in creative industries and grapple with artistic expression in the commercial sphere.
  • Marc Maron interview with James Hetfield (Metallica frontman), gold. Listen to it in your favourite podcast app, look for WTF with Marc Maron, it’s episode #775.
  • Malcolm Gladwell series, Revisionist History, my favourite episode…all of them, start at the beginning.
  • Ten Questions with Adam Zwar – the interviews with Yumi Stynes, Lally Katz, Wendy Harmer and Jane Kennedy are all standout.
  • Wilosophy with Tim Minchin. When Tim gets on a rant about Trump it makes so much sense, he can articulate an argument perfectly.

Stay-at-home parents used to watch crappy daytime TV to escape the drudgery of the cleaning trenches, now we can be inspired, uplifted, engaged and mobile thanks to digital radio advancements, mobile technology and the internet. I love podcasts and I vote.

If you want more recommendations, I have them ready to go, just ask in the comments.





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