Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Did you know in the US and potentially in other countries too, wherever divorce can happen, that there is a blank space for the divorcees to fill in a new name post the legal separation? What would your name be after you had split from your marriage and were about to embark on a new life?


I am half way through Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I love it, it’s a real page turner and a book I have read about for a while but never got around to reading. Thanks to bookies (the club) the impetus is there to start and finish Cheryl Strayed’s biography. She is also known as Dear Sugar, the previously anonymous agony aunt for Rumpus online. The collection of letters and her advice in reply is found in Tiny Beautiful Things. That’s where I first discovered her writing AND her style.


While she traverses on foot the Pacific Crest Trail that covers the Sierra Nevada mountain range she rediscovers her own power. Survival mode, in the desert and then the snow, delivers to her some insight into her own life and the world’s mystery and beauty. Motherless and single she takes to the challenge with a certain naivety, that state of mind almost mandatory to undertake such an effort, especially pre Google, FB and forums. What is a nature trail without it’s surprises, coincidences and ana(log) guide and guest books. I am not sure if she trumps that trail yet although I already feel like her self discovery learning curve is payment enough for her trials thus far. What a feat to even take the first step on the actual track of such a journey.

Always seems to be that I read a good book and before I blink again, it’s a film. Reese Witherspoon plays lead, Cheryl Strayed. I would prefer my own imaginative view of her story to stay intact but the screen pull and an opportunity for escapism is sometimes stronger than my resolve to keep what I have in my head sacred. We’ll see….

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