Prince and prints

Great news today.  For anyone digging the Prince return to Oz, turns out that he is being supported by none other than unofficial performing protege, Janelle Monae.  She is a young talent who has exceeded audience expectations with her live performance and she is something to rock up for early.

Did you know that Prince released 6 albums by the time he was 23, including Prince, Controversy & Purple Rain.  His talent blows my mind.  30 years on, he is still touring the world and making records.  Prince appreciation station right here.

Back to the Wednesday Website Wack purpose, to introduce websites of note, Prince has inspired the search for quality prints.

Art is in the eyes of the beholder as ever and most importantly it doesn’t require over intellectualising, it is about the feelings evoked when we are engaged with creativity, whether our own or someone else’s. I go to galleries to engage with texture and originality wherever possible and I buy prints because I find original art pieces completely unaffordable (for the most part).  I buy prints to support artists and causes in line with my means and ultimately to colour my rented walls.  Prints of notable and emerging artists have been dotting the net for sometime but the last few years has seen a real push for online galleries that support artists and offer a percentage of sale proceeds to a charitable organisation of the artist’s choice.  I think this is a perfect synergy and I have purchased many pieces recognising that I my numbered piece is contributing to creativity and a good cause.

Tiny Showcase was my first foray into this style of gallery and they have introduced me to so many great works.  They release one work per week and continue publicity in their gallery until the piece is sold out. I have my very own Jen Corace (which raised over $11K for the Gulf Restoration Network following the BP spill) and Sarajo Frieden pieces, now framed and ready for the nursery wall.

In a very similar vein, Working Proof cojoins the works of artists with charities, creating art that intrinsically holds what they call, ‘social value’.  Both these stores will set you back less than a $50 unless you are after large scale.

So not all the print suppliers are do-gooders and I haven’t found an Australian version of these websites yet, but this post would not be complete without championing the dedication to creativity executed by Abi Crompton at Third Drawer Down.  She has been printing original works on pillowcases, a(rt)prons and tea-towels for almost a decade.  Third Drawer Down is part gallery, museum, newsletter and wholesaler for all things incredible and best of all, it’s located in downtown Fitzroy while anything in store can be shipped anywhere.  I was gifted a David Wlazlo (sold out) artpron that sits above my bed with perfect geometric hang.

Mike Mills designed pillowcases – yep, the film maker.





I wish I was finished and yes, I am close but when I get on a roll with affordable art, I can’t help but keep spruiking.  So, please find below a few more pics with direct links to the incredible art makers, you might notice I have a penchant for collage and colour, Joachim Knill followed by Russian artist, Irina Polin.

Apartment Therapy has a post titled, 10 Affordable Print Shops for First Time Art Buyers, worth checking out their tips but note they don’t leave the USA.

Go forth and click and buy a print.

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