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I am a sucker for a page turner, especially when it comes in the form of a glossy mag with pretty pictures, fashion to revere and cultural reviews.  Any mag that comes under $10 these days consists of mostly B grade banter of which i can catch up on in any doctor’s surgery.  My feminist tendencies also steer me well clear of the body image centric stapled rubbish.

The internet is once again the saviour in filling the void of that part of my brain that the glossies (now often matte) once nourished. The ever amazing thing about the net, is that it is already like a magazine shop in the way that it caters to the distinct tastes of anyone willing to do a search.  I gravitate towards the broad cultural sources, that’s what magazines mean to me, sections of quality photography with information and hopefully some well resourced and edited cultural journalism that includes some great interviews or opinions.  A cultural magazine should cover all the old faves of music, art, film, literature, events, food and then some….[insert your own preference here].  I note that sometimes the online magazine is a blog, really it’s the same thing but if it’s a blog culture mag it probably didn’t evolve from a physical format, such as Juxtapoz which is actually available online (reduced content) or as a digital version (ipad, see below) or a tangible copy for a little bit extra.
There is a online magazine for every city in the world, I am sure of it.  Flavorpill takes care of most of the big cities in the U.S. and is like the online version of what Time Out magazine used to publish.  Then there are Aussie versions, Broadsheet The Thousands and The Colour whose competition of each other keeps everyone on their toes and off the couch eating out, they are both online but you can also subscribe to their weekly newsletters for a hit of their ‘best of’ from that week. You will not find opinion pieces or long reads here, you will find social pages, gallery launch info and cultural reviews.
Here’s a quick list of my current actual online magazine favourites to get you clicking, follow the links of the pages you like.  Suss out the style of writing that appeals to you or the featured art and follow those contributors/authors to wherever they go, that’s how I discovered most of this list:
The Fox Is Black – where this whole post started really
Lost At E Minor – brothers Zavros are consistently updating this website with new global finds, one bros lives in Austin, TX and the other Newcastle, what a mix.
Rookie Mag – for teenage girls
Faux Magazine – good mixtape and lost and found sections
Flavorwire – the non-localised version of Flavorpill
M-A-G-A-Z-I-N-E-S —– SO GOOD.  Must say I still like a hard copy of Frankie and Another Mag.
Go forth and click.
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