Wednesday Website Wack – Focus. Can you?

There’s been talk, so much talk – some might say, “too much talking.”
It’s no secret to anyone that I am a practicing yogi, I try and attend at least one class per week.  I am in an out of schools as often as a kid with a Dad in the Navy but my level of enthusiasm for the flexibility, focus, stamina and stillness that yoga brings into my life never waivers, I am committed to the cause not the teacher or the class.  Each week I afford myself some time to recollect my thoughts, stretch my muscles, sit still and consciously breath.
Almost a decade ago, I took breathing to a whole new level.  I took the meditative principle out of the yoga classroom and into my everyday life.  It’s called meditation. I knew that there was something special in sitting still for a time and focusing on just one thing, whether I could achieve that goal, even for a minute, only practice and time would tell.  I couldn’t do it alone and instead I enrolled in a 10 day intensive Vipassana course.   Vipassana is a technique of self-observation, it’s one way to meditate.  The course provides guided, detailed instruction on how to travel through the conscious mind to the unconscious mind to gain control of our thoughts, our actions and our reactions in the face of any and every situation that arises, it is for EVERYONE.  It took me 10 years of deliberation to enrol and since my initial instruction I have returned once to re-align my meditation practice.
Is this a Wednesday Website Wack? Yes, it is.  This week on Lifehacker they posted A Guide to Meditation for the Rest of Us.  Lifehacker is an all round ‘how to’ kind of website, helping anyone get through life more easily through simple instruction.  Their posts are often technical (especially finding the best apps for Blah) but they also travel to other genres of day to day such as how to be fiscally responsible, reduce your credit card debt, practice creativity or solve your procrastination issues (ironic, especially if you are in the midst of a deadline and check Lifehacker to assist with the distractions).  It’s an extremely valuable resource for the most part and they have a great Guide on Meditation here.
As it states, you will require nothing.  Start with a 2 minute practice.  There will always be a distraction so it doesn’t really matter when/where you start but you need to be non-contactable and comfortable.  Meditation is free medicine for anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, anger, depression and it is a way to start or continue a self-discovery of who we are and accepting whatever we find, without judgement.
Everyday I intend to meditate – some days I do and some days I forget or get distracted or feel alienated by the daunting process of focusing my attention on this one small thing when I have so many other things to do.  If I remember that meditation is a tool for awareness, above anything else, it often brings me back to the cause which is self-awareness and compassion which ultimately helps me with everyday occurrences such as Road Rage and Judgement on anyone and everyone! If only you knew me before I discovered Yoga.
Go forth and click.

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  1. Marjorie says:

    The International Whistlers Convention is held on the campus of Louisburg College.
    “I learned to listen to books on tape so I didn’t get stressed at the drive,” she said.
    Even with all this recognition, today Evergreen remains a privately owned,
    working sugar cane plantation.

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