Wednesday Website Wack – Inferior on Interiors

Less clutter, more colour, minimise, expand, dress up, feature walls, hue, mood boards and feng shui are all common in the interior design vernacular but for me, I find it altogether confusing and consuming.  How many different styles of cushion cover really look good on the one couch? I feel that I am not doing one thing wrong, I feel that I am doing it ALL wrong.

A few weeks back stylist Megan Morton featured as a guest blogger on popular daily Melbourne based website The Design Files, you can see her posts here.  Megan gave such a great summary over 5 days of the things to take into account when making changes to your home that I finally feel empowered to make some decisions, even in my pokey rental, that will make me feel blessed every time I walk into my home.  Her love of all things design, teaching and colour did not finish there, she has also contributed to a new design website, Interiors Insider, which I think is a fresh approach to sharing information relating to home renovation and anything that fits within the Grand Designs banner.  Also this website is Australian based which does matter to locals where stockists and builders are concerned.

Megan quotes Andre3000 as one of her ideal clients. Check that burst of colour.
photo by: Jeff Kravitz

I also have a soft cushioning for Apartment Therapy, just for being the first of its kind and so encyclopaedic for anything home design. I particularly appreciate their posts on storage solutions and decluttering small spaces, let’s face it, none of us have enough room and, probably never will, so taking this advice is perfect.  As with most design websites, the pictures are communicating with our aesthetic nature. A great example of this is Google Images, try the experiment below next time you wanna make a room ignite.

EXPERIMENT: Go to google images here, type any colour idea with a room you intend to spruce to another level and wallah, amazing reference tools to accommodate EVERY preference.

Go forth and click.

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