Kickstart my heart

Once the beginning of a famous rock motto by Motley Crue, “Kickstart my heart” has always been an instant motivator to get my head rolling and methodically air banging. I am 100% sure that was the intended purpose. I can’t say I was a ‘Crue’ member but I can admit freely that I never get sick of the guitar licks, massive Tommy Lee drums and the drama surrounding the group AND all those tatts! This 1989 motto lives on, not just in the rock arena but constantly in my bones whenever I feel I need a boost of energy or ideas. Play it using the link, you’ll see what I mean.

Kickstarter, the online creative fundraising platform is equal to the Crue song in it’s energy and dedication to a cause. It allows any company or individual to pitch any idea and publicly raise funds accordingly. Some ideas are product inventions like a new city bicycle design or a collapsible sunglasses case while the creative projects are a broad mix of collaborations and public art, including documentary films. I first stumbled across Kickstarter via the industrial design website Core77, it seems they have project partners that help to publicise new projects. The idea was a converter for the the ipod nano into a functional wristwatch, it looked schmick and desirable, that’s all I needed really. Most recently though I discovered the Elevation Dock+.

For anyone that has ever used a docking system for their iphone/ipod this invention is set to take Apple mobile products to another level. Read the benefits. The popularity of the funding from pledgers/backers speaks for itself. They raised almost $1.5m from over 12,000 supporters to get the product into production.  There are varying levels of support, the more money you pledge the bigger the benefit when the product or idea goes into production.

Less shiny but more earthy is Kiva, a non-for-profit organisation that similarly garners support for grassroots projects to alleviate poverty and create empowerment and opportunities for people that need a kick start for their business. The major difference here is that the money offered is in the form of a loan. Supporting farming, food stalls, crafts, transportation methods, you can help anyone from anywhere with any business for just $25 and there is a 98% chance of getting the money back. Great odds for a reinvestment.

Both these ideas make me think how a little help can go a massive distance and if you really want something then pay for it and you will not only get it first but you will know that you contributed to a fresh idea that would make your own or someone else’s life better. Even more exciting would be a friend raising funds to support their idea through to fruition using the Kickstarter project page, it really separates the ‘gonnas’ from the ‘doers’.

Go forth and click.

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