Peanut Butter

For the most part I am a peanut butter purist.  Fresh.  Usually available from market delis where they pour a bag of raw peanuts into a processor, the dial set to medium crunchy.  A pooey goo without the pong comes flowing, thick and slow.  My attention span is heightened, I love to watch.  Best $5 spent.

My coeliac state leaves me with little option for fresh bread.  Peanut butter is the best mask of dodgy, crumbling compacted baked dough.  When I discovered Matisse gluten-free bread and Fatto a Mano in Collingwood the flavour mask became unnecessary.  Don’t get me wrong, I still consider fresh peanut butter on toast a luxury but it’s not a necessity.

The point being, I have a new luxury.  The supermarket aisle has always been privvy to an M&M section, they are owned by Mars afterall.  We started with plain and peanut varieties, brown and yellow packs, not the most marketable packaging but I guess the crunch and flavour won us over plus, the original advertising of M&Ms was ingenious, remember?  “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand”.  Some years later a blue pack was introduced with almost a rice bubble texture inside, not quite biscuit but not all air.  The texture was heaven, the packaging as equally unappealing as the original counterparts in play-do blue.  Since then we have been marketed with countless varieties, including the classic Christmas M&M’s of red, white and green beads.

This week I was in Sydney, my friend introduced me to the new Peanut Butter M&M flavour.  Holy mother of smooth texture inside a crunchy colourful outershell.    M&Ms are not officially gluten free.  US brand manufacturing differs from Australian sources which use wheat starch.  That’s why the imported packaging wooed me.  I haven’t seen the same available in Melbourne but I will be on the look-out from now, especially considering that they have just released the new coconut flavour.  M&mmmmmmmmmmm.

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