Are you worthy of the internet?

While the internet has a plethora of content worth noting, most of which I tend to impart from this very newsletter to infinity and beyond, it’s so easy to get clicking on crappy websites with no real sense of purpose of their own and a regeneration of content already on high rotation.

A tweet today by @brainpicker read like this, “if you aren’t reading @ListsOfNote, you’re bad at the Internet”.  When she’s right, she’s right.  Although she missed that there is a related website, Letters of Note, that is equally as thought provoking and brilliant.  The best thing about the net is simple ideas gone viral and having a community to share them with, whether it’s social media or really social.

Rather than harp on about how riveting and positively toxic these two websites are, I am going to share with you a snippet of my favourites from both.  This will give you the heads up on what you are about to encounter when you go forth and click for yourself.

First up, a list written by Sid Vicious, 12 things that make Nancy so great.  My favourite of all is too dirty to share, you will figure it out soon enough.

It must be love

I found a List of Note from revered author, David Foster Wallace.  I am always on the hunt for new vocabulary, always taking notes from books about words that describe exactly the sentiment intended instead of always having to revert to the same adjectives.  This is just a list of words but it offers great insight into the mind of DFW, if nothing else for the words that inspired his literature.

The notable feature of  Letters of Note are the stories within.  I learnt today that before Jeff Buckley’s Grace was published he had an encounter with Bob Dylan, which he shared in the form of an impersonation at one of his own shows.  Turns out this letter is an apology to Bob himself who heard an ‘out of context’ edition of the performance and was insulted.  It’s just amazing to read the thoughts of Jeff Buckley, especially knowing what came after, the success of the record and his death.

Straight from 1967 and a 20 year old David Bowie comes this very personal and grateful letter to an American fan wishing to start the David Bowie fanclub.  He discusses the perception he has of America through media and his real name.

You won’t regret signing up for the Letters of Note and Lists of Note newsletter, which also come compliments of Tiny Letter.  They are a real hit.

Go Forth and Click.

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