Wednesday Website Wack – Rolling a tumblr

Allison and I met last year.  She was my first real connection with a random person on the internet, crazy.  I fell in love with her poetic storytelling, creative combinations of words, her typewriter font and most of all her energy to write and post.  We took our interest in each other offline and since have posted tangible objects and letters as a way to communicate to and fro, Wisconsin to Melbourne.  It’s a sporadic tendency without expectation.  She uses tumblr.

Tumblr is a blog template for wo/men of all types.  Literally.  Emily asked me this week, “do I pinterest?”  “No” I replied, “I tumble“.  I tumble as a way to express my visual and aural loves, especially design, art, food and music.  In the process I have uncovered a whole world of Allison types that are creatively expressive and motivated.  Tumblr gives surfing the net some purpose, it can be a snapshot of anything you have going on at the time.  You can create a look book or a wishlist or an encyclopaedic reference of something very specific.  Felix Inclusis colour codes art images to create a rainbow of art, it looks hot and it serves as a great visual reference.

Tumblr has had some bad press in the past but I say BOO.  It’s whatever you make it; a curated gallery, portfolio, music sharing, a link library or a search engine, plus it has an undertone of hilarity, I leave you here with the link to The Cosby Sweater Project.

Because I love to share, here are the images of 3 artists I have discovered as part of my tumblring addiction. They are Claire Whitney (Melbourne), Julien Picaud and photographer, William Wegman (in that order).

Go forth and click.

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