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Sent: 01/31/2012
Subject: Stories Gone Wild & Long

I am a frequent attendant of Women of Letters, a monthly event run by two Melbourne ladies, Michaela McGuire and Marieke Hardy.  It’s $20, it gets me out of East St Kilda on a Sunday afternoon and the stories I hear astound and inspire me.  Oh, and ultimately they raise stacks of cash to support Edgar’s Mission, a farm animal sanctuary.

Last Sunday we were met with great talent such as Chrissie Swan (Broadcaster), Emilie Zoey Baker (slam poet extraordinaire) and Annabel Crabb.  There were a few others but I felt that these three truly stood out.  Emilie and Annabel were especially enticing, it was the personal nature of their stories, the poetry with which they were told and the ability to flesh out the details without being boring.

I pondered something that I could connect my love of public story telling with the net….online storytelling. I have had some favourites up my sleeve for a while, opportunities for a long read should win over the time-wasting digital snippets we are so accustomed.  Somewhere between a book and a blog post, a long read will give you the insight about a topic or person that will help you lose yourself in a new world of words, until the period at the end directs you to again walk with purpose. is dedicated to time-poor readers, it categorises all forms of writing based on word count/approximate reading time.  They are true to their name-sake too, nothing less than 1500 words.  They have a subscriber feed and they gather stories from all my old favourite news websites, journals and magazines, NYT, Atlantic, Harpers…etc.  There is a lot going on with this website, click around, type in some search terms and dig deeper.  No time – here’s one link to a biography/eulogy about Steve Jobs.

Much closer to the local hood is Meanjin, a special quarterly journal, the long reads are delineated by form; fiction, essays, memoir and poetry.  Many of the Australian journalists and authors I respect and seek out write for Meanjin.  It’s a 70 year old publication with funding from Melbourne University and the website is updated daily.  So much to read, almost overwhelming, but you can get around that by scanning one line and continuing that exercise until completion! Another period for you to look out for, the one with ultimate freedom at the end of the last sentence.

Want more, reply email.  I have a list as long as my leg!

Go forth and click!

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  1. EmilyKate says:

    found this website and thought you’d love it

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