Wednesday Website Wack – published by Tiny Letter

Sent: 01/17/2012
Subject: Year of the Dragon

The internet is an ever-astounding, complex digital mammoth where every human sense  comes into play, despite the 2D.  Wednesday Website Wack (WWW) began a year ago to accommodate a culturally time-poor punter that believed the internet was other-worldly and overwhelming, I concurred.  This year I am taking my otherwise exclusive ‘web club’ public.

To kill the fear of what lies beyond, I search.  I devote hours to the cause of unravelling the treasures within; late nights, red eyes and a sore neck are synonymous with my addiction to ‘the net’.   The gold is worth it, the extraordinary and eclectic are out there, posting and prodding, photographing and prosing.

Some of the websites will be purely reference, others timely or trendy.  Craftiness might make an appearance as will shopping havens, lists and wish lists, magazine portals and intelligent banter. The abridged internet is here, every week.  More than just websites, WWW is links to the good stuff.  Bookmark (CTRL+D) is your friend.  Digital gold. Brain food. Inspiration.  Empathy.

I couldn’t help but kick this off with a music website Hype Machine, one of many a site that scour ‘the net’ looking for music that is gaining traction online through ‘blog posts’ ‘comments’, ‘likes’ and ‘favourites’.  It’s like a daily Top 40 for the digital age.  They are currently featuring a mix by Little Dragon of the best of 2011 from their radio show, it’s on SoundCloud here.  For anyone that loves keeping abreast of what’s new in the world of tunes, these websites are but one beat or lyric away from hooking you in, just listen and see.

Late last year I discovered through sheer chance the Radio Soulwax website/app, that is the brothers Dewale that sometimes come under the guise of 2manydjs. This website is a radio station dedicated to 24 x 1 hour themed mixes – based on album covers! While I wrote this I bopped around the keyboard to Celestial Voyage Pt 2. A constant stream of dance worthy music that can be downloaded as an app (android or iphone) to listen as you go. Brilliant.

Go forth and click.

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One Response to Wednesday Website Wack – published by Tiny Letter

  1. emily says:

    thanks for the Whack!!

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