Wednesday Website Wack

Two lucky boys that I am friendly with have been enjoying (I hope) the fruits of my internet search finds for almost a year. I thought it might be nice to extend the favour, that is take the work out of finding what’s great about the internet and sending the links straight to you with a little description of what it’s all about.

You can subscribe to the newsletter here and/ opt out at any time. It’s called the Wednesday Website Wack – A weekly of websites worth clicking.

New music, cultural insights, great art, social media, food love, how tos and why nots.  What more could you possible want from your week?


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3 Responses to Wednesday Website Wack

  1. EmilyKate says:

    You should publish it here too! that way when people sign up later on they can come back here to read previous Wacks

    • natsupower says:

      I will do. I had some technical issues today so as soon as they are ironed then i will post on felt like wool too. Love your commitment to the digital cause.

  2. jocurtin says:

    Sounds great, count me in.

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