Yoga in my life

I am constantly on the hunt for a yoga practice that will become a routine. The criteria bench is simple, it must be accessible, affordable and inspired.

Since first being introduced to yoga in my early 20’s, while living in London, I have never looked back, ergo my practice has waned over the years due to motivation and finding a teacher i respect and love. Yoga is also not cheap and sometimes $20 (or more) just hasn’t materialised when it is most needed. It’s a cash practice if you haven’t noticed.

These days I am a regular at Yoga Moves in Balaclava. It ticks a few boxes especially geography, space and quality teaching, but this yoga school is not for everyone and while I love it, I feel there is a bit of a vibe missing. I have adopted Iyengar yoga as my main practice over the years because I have massive postural restrictions, otherwise referred to as inflexibility.  Iyengar allows me to manage poses with the correct posture using props.

A few years ago I tried a new yoga school, Yoga Arts Academy, a variation on Hatha Yoga.  So fuckin’ hard!  Intense, strong, exhausting and continuous.  Iyengar is stop/start but the process of learning each pose is thorough and timely.  The Sakshin Ghatastha manifesto is born from consistent, mindful practice with dynamism and strength at its heart.  Focus will come.  I fear for beginners starting here but why not?  You will be adjusted and learn fast using this style.

I have documented my current yoga drive, briefly mind you, because there is no such thing as a quality yoga review board or website and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.  Yoga changes lives, never mind that it will challenge you and make you look a little silly sometimes.

I recommend it to anyone and everyone because the positive benefits to mind, body and spirit are what you have to look forward to. Go forth and stretch!

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One Response to Yoga in my life

  1. EmilyKate says:

    Try Action School of Yoga on Smith St! Its Iyengar and its amaaaazing!

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