A Book Club To Write About

It took a good friend of mine to start frollicking with a serious bookworm to finally reap an opportunity to force myself upon a book appreciation collective.
Two years in it’s clear that I am a lucky gal. There are promising aspects to this bookclub, despite anonymity, in that all members get to choose titles and the wheel of organisation is pumped and spinning.
The current read is my pick, My Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake. It’s about the exceptional talents of Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld, the Parisian fashion movement of the 60’s and 70’s and iconic labelling and couture. I am only two chapters in, unfortunately I had to cave to the City Library borrowing system before I was barely started but captivating biographical introductions are rare, so in a book club first, I made a purchase from The Book Depository. I am Question Queen afterall and I haven’t even arrived at the bitter rivalry between the fashionistas, I have a positive obligation to engage and drive decent conversation when the third Thursday of the month rolls around and we meet to eat and talk with our mouths full.

Review by Caroline Weber for NY Times in 2006 here
A great visual book review here on Jen Fitch Style blog.
Another book I am excited about below, self help disguised in biographical philosophy.

new InsightBookReader(‘preview’, ‘9781590514252’, ”, ”, ‘0’, ”, ‘http://www.randomhouse.com/cgi-bin/buy_landing.php?isbn=9781590514252’);

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