>Is this another of my 2 day love affairs? Blogging helps me to calm down on my fickleness because deleting would be an admission of 1) bad writing 2) regret and 3) a recommendation that belongs in the trash.

Bikini are a 2 piece from New York (suprise). Although, at this foetal stage of musical artistry, they don’t work together. Olivier Olivier (oh yeah, the double barreled name had me at ‘O’) writes the lyrics and melodies sending them over to his old music school chap, Nigel Diamond. Diamond collates the work in the order he sees fit adding his mix of beats and verse and the musical drafting is over, sent on to be mastered and mixed. How great, raw, interesting and now!

I have been hooked on the hook of Palm-Aire (track 3) on the newly released EP for days. Nothing quite like having a nightclub moment while at your desk in a commercial law firm! Not since Radiohead released In Rainbows have I purchased an album online. Considering my environmental stance it should be the norm, I’ll get there. In the meantime, pump it here…if you like it, buy it. It’s $5, that’s it!

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