I have to take it back, not all of it, but most of that last post to Mr Real Estate.

The ‘dream entrance’ is now the front door of OUR apartment. I felt like a major suckarooney, I called everyday and emailed, requesting our application be approved. I don’t necessarily believe that we scored the place because of any significant persistence, in fact, I think that no-one else applied. She told me they did, I think she lied.

She should post her one-liners on – she is my no. 1 candidate for outstanding contribution to the passive agressive cause. Intimidating bogan, scary thought, she is my new real estate agent. I am just hoping that soon enough she will be on ‘for sale’ properties rather than the lowly vomit of letting! What a dispicable industry.

So we move in this weekend, officially. Can’t wait really, have already met some of the neighbours and the garden is super pretty. My dying succulent collection will really thrive with some friends to share growth stories. Plants talk in my world.

I hope that the block loves a DJ, diplomat, reader, writer, chefs, organic wares and recycling plastic. yip. yip.

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