A letter to Mr Real Estate

My dream apartment entrance…..

Real estate inspections are killing my social life as we traipse north, south, east and west for a new rental. You think we can find anything that ticks most boxes, I am not that unrealistic to think that we can tick all, but some, come on??? We have so far inspected about 15 properties and that’s not including the hours we have spent trawling through rental lists and editing places to strike. Oh, and thank you so much Mr Real Estate for giving us 15 mins to get from Brunswick to St Kilda (or vice versa) or pitching your opening time at 5pm? You must think we don’t work? Who knew that ‘real estate’ and ‘convenience’ were juxtapositional?

Inspections are a great opportunity to step outside of your life and appreciate what it’s like to be cool and then what it’s like to be Mr/Ms Real Estate. Unfortunate to say the least.

I was obviously asking too much of Century 21 when I asked them to remove mould from the bathroom and replace carpets that I could see the floorboards through?! Maybe? $380 seems like a lot of money to pay someone every week to cover their mortgage but with housing prices completely out of control, I am not surprised that costs are being passed on to the punters, we just have to live there after all.

Almost enough with my real estate rant, I am bored of myself so I must be boring you too but remember if you are nice to me, I will invite you to my housewarming partay when we move, if we have such a thing as an outdoor area as part of the package (seriously unlikely). This was my dream apartment entrance….bugger.

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