Best Coast

I wish he was my boyfriend is a guitar heavy and enticing intro, grunge cheerleader comes to mind. Young punks jumping around girly bedrooms dancing to Californ-I-A pop.

The label nomenclature, Pop Frenzy, speaks volumes on Best Coast’s debut release and the girl crush that goes with it, have you seen a cooler chic in 2010 than front rocker of Best Coast, Bethany Cosentino? She has a Holly Golightly drawl, that sounds perfect with the guitar synth and heavy bass drums. There’s something about her voice and it’s likeness to early Breeders although there are no backing vocals here though or the simplicity of clever lyrics to create the depth to truly compare the two bands.

For now, I prefer the upbeat openers, they scream fun, summer and singlets of which is very foreign in the depths of Melbourne’s winter. I saw on NME they gave this record a no. 1 spot for first half of 2010 – that accolade is a massive exaggeration. See boyfriend band, The Wavves for something championing the lo-fi sound with street cred.

ps. Best Coast and Wavves performed at Meredith in 2010 and Bethany was much more interesting and interested.  Goes to ‘show’ a lot happens in a studio to create personalities. (May 2011)

pic from Clash Music

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