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I wrote a short story in anger recently. It was about a silly old man at the supermarket who had not quite figured out that our planet was extremely delicate and his wastage of plastic bags for his individual fruit and veg items was completely unacceptable.

I almost lost it but decided instead to demand the employee ‘to educate the customers’ on the use of plastic bags.

So here it is for the record, we do not need to put fruit or vegetable with skin that we are going to peel in a bag, to go in another bag, to potentially go in an environmentally friendly bio-degradable shopping bag. It defeats the purpose. Next time you shop at your LOCAL grocer think of the following:
Will I wash this item?
Is this item eaten without the skin?
Is this item something that can co-habitat with another item of shopping?
Is this plastic bag endangering the lives of millions of sea creatures?

If you answered yes to any or ALL of these questions, you do not need a plastic bag. Cutting down might be as good as cutting out, just like cigarettes and meat.

I was completely inspired today after reading about the David Rothschild project to build and sail a boat made completely from recycled plastic bottles. You can go to The Plastiki to discover their journey. It is unbelievable and as they prepare to sail into Sydney Harbour, I can’t help but throw my support to the cause. Go to the website and make your own pledge – no money, just a promise of your commitment to the environment.

Other coolio projects for plastic bag expulsion are below:

in today’s news, ‘Chillingham now plastic bag free’ and the first Australian town to co-ordinate and succeed as plastic bag free – Coles Bay

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