>The Heavy and other great obsessions

>2010 inspired the invent of the ‘Cool Kids Still Buy CDs’ music club. The premise is simple, purchase a new release (preferably by getting off your arse and walking into a record/CD store), listen listen listen, launch the sound to wide eared small audience through review and press play to share favourite tracks. The crew are enriched with new audio, creative talent and a social gathering involving real banter about the stuff we love – MUSIC.

First club in late January promised big things and the pace I am writing this speaks volumes of my excitement to share with you, The Heavy. They are as rare as a gold nugget at Sovereign Hill post 1950. Out on Ninja Tune, celeb mid 90’s label of Kid Koala and Funki Porcini fame, The Heavy are a soulful collaboration of musical artistry that projects vivid narrative and gets you bustin the dance floor. It’s the kind of music found on Tarantino films – wildly timeless and refreshingly now. British without the bull, The House That Dirt Built is a seductive listen that sits high on my tour wishlist.

The Heavy aren’t the only band on high rotation at my house, also listening to brand new LCD Soundsystem via this great link and last year’s xx relase, wow. That’s all i can share right now, my inspiration cup is overflowing.

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