>Money talks

If I sell my soul to make some good money then I will be able to buy it back in the form of good art, I am sure that’s how it works, right?

Being the literal girl next door to Autopsy gallery in St Kilda in 2007 I was blessed to meet 2 fab creatives, Darren Henderson and Jade Palmer. The gallery featured photographers, painters, skaters, creative graffers and drawers, their art always spoke to the soft spot in me for dudes on boards. I am in love with paint on wood too, which is one of Darren’s specialties. I still see Darren around the traps sometimes and he seems to always manage subtle publicity in mainstream media. It’s like he knows where I am – anyway, he has an exhibition coming up at Gorker gallery in Fitzroy late April.

Find more info about the upcoming exhibition happening at Gorker Gallery left click here.

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