>Hon. Art vol. 2 – calcium deposits

Jitish Kallat
Last week I discovered I have some skeletal issues. It got me thinking about my bones and how I envisage them floating around in my body. Part of my lower spine, in particular my L4 region, is struggling to keep up and this issue of Hon. Art is dedicated to my lumbar 4 – may you absorb all the calcium you need to reverse your current anorexic disposition. My promise to you, L4, is that I will uphold recommendations from my trusted myotherapist to engage my core, stop sticking my ass out and complete weight bearing exercise regularly.

My workouts are currently inspired by creative skeletons.

I had one of those rare internet exploring moments a few weeks ago, the kind that makes you fall off your chair with excitement from what you have found. It all started with flickr, suprisingly and moved onto some crazy written word from this DUDE and finished with a tinkle on a link from said Dude to ‘knock your little bobby socks off cool” Michael Paulus. Enjoy what’s good about the internet at previous links.

Erin Smith’s art is illustration with a typewriter and a whole lot of imagination. She is currently featuring at the Edwina Collette gallery in Brisbane. I once commissioned a wedding present for my best friend from her and it was so damn good, I was bummed i had to give it away. Hopefully i will be friends for a long time to come so that I can always eye it off. Go support her, she is Aussie and lovely.

Skeleton pinhole photography by Juilee Pryor here.

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