>I love these books


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3 Responses to >I love these books

  1. EmilyKate says:

    >I love the witches! With their wigs and their square toes and do I remember rightly, they had no fingernails? Or did they have claws?I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award ya lucky thing. You can pick it up over at mine.http://thisisemilykate.blogspot.com/2010/01/seven-things.html

  2. natsu says:

    >there are more books on my list but for some reason the bookcase only has books I have ticked as read, not my reading list to come…I want more..check out this guy for his excellent bookcase..http://h1bpositive.blogspot.comBIG UPS for my award, are you serious…i love that!

  3. miss jo says:

    >I always look for women with itchy scalps and blue spit. If you're hobbling in high heals – I ASSUME it's because you don't have toes. It was a sad, sad day when Roald Dahl died.

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