>Hon. Art vol. 1

>Honourable Art is a feature of imagery from my favourite contemporary artists from around the world. As edited by me, for whoever wants to get a compact, visual feast on tap. Welcome and enjoy.

Ben Quilty is an old favourite. He recently exhibited (2009) his iconic big brush strokes as part of his show entitled “Critical Impact” at Grant Pirrie gallery in Richmond.

Mike Stilkey was recently featured in the New Yorker and has a great website worth exploring. This work is part of a collection he calls, book sculptures. He uses books as a canvas with acrylic and ink to create what almost looks like a diarama. Diarama, aaaahhhhh..an undervalued art form.

Love watercolour. Love Hannah Stouffer. She blows me away, not even sure how or when I discovered her work but it talks to my love affair with water, colour and drawing. Keep looking.

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One Response to >Hon. Art vol. 1

  1. jennifer says:

    >these are great – Mike stilky has something quite orig going on there!

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