A guy on the tram

written July 09:

I have only 2 weeks ’til I depart these freezing Melbourne days for a damn good dose of well needed and deserved Vitamin D, contemporary art, scenery and strangers to send me into a frenzy of adventure, awareness and love. Today I realised that even though my planned trip is short in comparison to working holidays, 3 months with a flashpack, it is a long time to be away from creature comforts.

The Melbourne public transport system is not what I would usually consider comfortable and nowhere near luxurious but, it can be entertaining enough to throw you for a six, like a new edition of Dumbo Feather – 2 completely random instances, unrelated but altogether equally coincidental happened today!

While travelling from work down classy Collins St on the cusp of eventide, I happened upon an onboard busker, well, he happened upon me. A moustachioed man with a dishevelled disposition with his own makeshift seat revealed hidden talents to the joy of commuters.

Collins St tram busker carried an acoustic guitar inside a black hardcase and within seconds began to strum a familiar tune with his case laid out before him – a busker with a vision of warmth and fast trade…’Your world is as cold as ice, your world is so nice, that you don’t want me around….cool world, break into your, cool world, break into yo-her, cool cool cool world‘.

Ross Wilson of Daddy Cool fame could have been playing his guitar right then and there, this random dude had it totally going on and even better, I had a spare fiver to share and it got the rest of the tram throwing their coin in. I was disappointed to disembark, I actually really wanted to hear the rest of the song. Another time.

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