>Polyvore is it….


the lover of collage has found Polyvore or, did Polyvore find me? not sure. I found a very small window of opportunity to go forth with the cut and paste option (clipper tool) from various websites straight to ‘my items’ in polyvore to create my first polyvore poster, they call them sets. It is a challenge to find items that speak your own style, yet add the colour and texture to the image but that was exactly what cutting pictures from magazines was all about. Now we have an online version of that, what a great reason to spend time killing your vision while simultaneously feeding the soul. what fun. I am most definitely not in the 23 year old demographic, which actually makes me feel like I haven’t lost the taste for stuff for the sake of it…there is a lot of wishful thinking going on with polyvore and you should check it out for yourself. If nothing else, it’s playtime for adults who like fashion of all sorts and have their own style to project. love it.

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One Response to >Polyvore is it….

  1. EmilyKate says:

    >Oh, I loooooooove polyvore, I'm gonna go over and friend you or favourite you or whatever it is the kids are doing ;o)

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