>the little big (LTB) of jeans


I was wondering how I would ever find my favourite pair of jeans when in Turkey this coming September, as I know that they are manufactured locally in Istanbul. I wear my black skinnies (little bigs) with the little silver creature on the bum at every available opportunity, with trainers, boots, thongs, t-shirts, tops, jackets, they are my most flexible clothing item and the one thing I always feel good in, comfort without compromise.
So I did a search on LTB (little big) on wiki and check out this for a quote from heaven…..who knew the turkish denim could be sooooo good in so many ways?

“LTB By LittleBig serves its customers through 67 shops in Turkey – 33 of them in Istanbul.”

Done, done and so done, now, how to get the boy on board to buy a container full of them to bring home to Melbourne. mmmm……jeans, should I be managing my expectations?

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One Response to >the little big (LTB) of jeans

  1. EmilyKate says:

    >Hello love! I can't find your email address for some reason… anyway I'm off work today and have an appointment with your Socialist accountant at 5! It's not my story anymore!!!!

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