>subscriptions gifts are the BEST

>My partner and I try to warm the heart of the other by exchanging experiential gifts at birthdays. Christmas, you can do whatever you want. Often our experiential gifts results in near life/death experiences (jumping from great heights) or one present becomes two, because who really wants to solely degust for 4 hours at a 2 hatter in the ‘burbs of Melbs. Not me.

Bloody capricorns make it difficult to differentiate between b’day and Christmas and I am often left with less than a penny to my name and a whole lot of confusion as what gift to give on what day – every year I am brought to tears by the frustration of so little time, so little money and way too much love. One year in particular however I think I outdid myself and extended the birthday/Christmas gift way beyond the month devoted to most public holidays and Christmas and Capricorny birthdays all the way to Gemini territory. Every month from January – June one brand spanking, internationally addressed parcel would arrive with a new t-shirt enclosed, everytime a perfect fit. This t-shirt subscription was much loved and the t-shirts are still being worn today by the lucky recipient, but recently, I got thinking about the gifts that keep on giving….here is a list of favourites that are worthy of attention:

T-shirt subscription from Threadless
Coffee subscription from Square Mile Coffee Roasters (1 x 350g bag every month)
Quaterly Essay from Black Inc publishing (an academic kick up the butt 4 times a year)
Magnation (for a magazine subscription of any kind – who doesn’t like mags?)
A word a day subscription – wordsmith – everyday and free (who doesn’t like a freebie?)
Music subscription – doesn’t exist but it should and I am here right now to tell you that that is a damn fine idea and I am pulling rights to commercial-in-confidence (how does that work with blogging?); and
Art subscription – same concept as above but a new piece of art commissioned from a collection of artists every quarter. This way they could get money up front to eat/pay rent and create and you would be pleasantly suprised with a work of random art and everyone would be happy (NB. choose your artist carefully).

Send me your favourite subscription idea and I will see if I can rip it off and make squillions of money out of it, no go forth and wonder, what is it that you want in the mail on a regular basis that you might not fork out for on your own accord but would love it if someone else would do it on your behalf.

oh yeah – subscribe me up.

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