>the World’s first Gluten Free Font

>I am a celebrated Coeliac. I say celebrated because since being diagnosed officially as a coeliac 4 years ago and removing gluten from my diet, I have been free of stomach bloating, unwanted bowel movements and all sorts of other ailments.

More recently, actually February 2009, I discoverd that Cheezels (an Aussie snack with the mostest) have no ingredients containing gluten, although they can’t officially say that because they are processed in the same factory as other gluten containing products, like other Aussie favourites, Samboy chips/crisps and CC’s. I am definitely allergic to gluten but I dismiss the warnings on packets that say, ‘this product MAY contain gluten’ because it would be like cutting my right arm off and the operative word here is ‘may’.

To re-introduce Cheezels into my diet with the deserved fan fare that should convey my excitement, I have produced the World’s first GLUTEN FREE FONT.

So far I have only made the letters required to spell g-l-u-t-e-n.

I love the ‘g’.
The next stage will be all the other letters and hopefully one day soon, the first gluten free exclamation mark, comma and full stop. This guy and I imagine many others are going to help me with their ways and means of creating a font with personality.
This is a good day.

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One Response to >the World’s first Gluten Free Font

  1. EmilyKate says:

    >Nat, where have you been all my life. Anyone who designs fonts out of snackfoods I truly consider to be a kindred spirit.

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