>Heroic Delivery

>We, the people, are so lucky. Every year websites, radio and TV stations, magazines and newspapers put together their ‘favourites’ list for us to scour. It takes a year to compile and 5 seconds to read but has the impact of a lifetime, sometimes. I don’t want too get to far ahead of myself.

All Songs Considered, presented by Bob Boilen for NPR, present the top 25 CDs of the year, as chosen by NPR listeners. For me, it’s a goldmine of new music indulgence. It’s my favourite end of year program, I listen and I absorb new music and then I begin my critique and promotion of the list. I listen over and over.

I am listening to songs I already know with new fervour (Bon Iver) and artists I am rediscovering post a sabbatical (Beck). Also songs that fit into where I am at right now (The Black Keys) and artists that I have never heard before and now I love (My Morning Jacket).

I have my own rules of embarkation on the 1 hr 51 mins of audio, they are as follows:

– download to mp3 player or CD
– on first listen, go straight through, start to finish.
– take note of new artists and purchase at least one new CD
– pass the link to other music lovers, they will love you for it and you can discuss the top 5

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